The Studio

Fictive Studio is a digital entertainment producer and publishing company that is intended on creating value and reverence for the games community with a primary focus on: digital entertainment, hosting events, building software and games.

What is Forever Forest

Forever Forest is an exploration survival game developed by Fictive Studios & Mad About Pandas to be released on Nintendo Switch.

You are the child of the forest

Immerse yourself in beautiful colours and meditative melodies, while you explore a luscious, uncharted wilderness.

Set forth on a journey to carry the last ray of light across stony deserts, treacherous swamps and poisonous lakes to illuminate a hidden world covered in darkness.

Use your wits and skill to sustain yourself on colorful fruits and critters, hunt and be hunted by powerful beasts and permanently evolve by absorbing the abilities of your enemies into your mask.

The journey is yours to take. The wild is yours to conquer!


Forever Forest is the result of a collaboration between the Qatari publisher Fictive Studio and the Berlin based developer Mad About Pandas.

After more than one year of production, Forever Forest will make history as the first release of a Qatari publisher.

The game draws inspiration from around the world and will be available in Arabic, German, English and multiple other languages – targeting both the MENA and Western Markets.

It is the firm belief of all parties involved that uniting creative efforts and playing together across borders can shape our mutual respect and understanding.

Forever Forest is only the beginning of a long journey and lasting friendship, with new projects already being in pre-production.